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Food for Thought Insight 2/15/16

Posted on February 15, 2016 at 8:20 PM

Food for thought from a God fearing, thinking, conscious brother (Yes, I'm making trouble again for some).


   My spirit has been troubled by these FB posts showing stacks of money asking people to type "Amen" if you want this, or that God is going to bless you with it for "naming it and claiming it". While The Most High indeed wants to bless us, these posts make it appear that God owes us something, and that He is nothing more than a piggy bank who only exists to do our bidding; especially when we are desiring things of the world. Maybe that’s why after typing "Amen", days, months, years later, some of you are still in that that same mode. If you only pray for worldly things, you may only get corrupted worldly things which results in a reflection of the corrupted world; (greed, corruption, wickedness, selfishness, perversion, lust etc.). God (YAHWEH) is the creator of everything, but some of us treat Him like He is stupid. Everything in our prayers should revolve around if it is God's will to allow us to have things as He is the creator of everything. If you truly read the Bible, you will know that God is faithful, but He is not mocked. For every blessing, there is a requirement that we open our "third eye", and commune with God on a supernatural level for supernatural blessings and healing, but once again, it is His will as to whether He thinks you deserve it or not. If He thinks you can’t handle it, you won't get it despite what some FB post says. Jesus (Yeshua) made it plain several times that He was among us to do the will of The Father for those who would believe. So now, do you truly believe, or are you running around doing everything that’s popular with the world, (foul mouth, corrupt speech, hateful, spiteful, along with other things mentioned earlier)? or are you seeking to connect with God on a higher level for your blessings.


Minister E. Lionel Perry



Categories: Food for Thought